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The laws of men mean little to me.

Mar. 22nd, 2009 22:47 c. 1890 - Rome

Van Helsing stomps into the large cathedral, mud slopping off his boots. He's wet and cold and covered in mud, all indicators of why he might be pissed off. He flings his sword at an apprentice and stalks across the lab floor to the Cardinal's office. Stopping just outside the door, he glares hard at it, raising his hand to turn the knob without knocking.

30 Vanquished - Vanquish Evil

Dec. 26th, 2008 22:30 nowhere special

Van Helsing is sitting at a bar, having a drink. He's recently lost Beowulf during a fight with a nest of vampires and he's biding his time with Scotch and beer.

Vanquish Evil

Jan. 19th, 2008 15:25 generic bio info

General Characteristics

Per the movie: Gabriel Van Helsing is several hundred years old, maybe even as many as several thousand years, missing memories of his past, except for the last seven years (1881 forward). He is a member of a secret organization known as the Knights of the Holy Order and has an ability to sense evil.

Frequently seen wearing a long, brown, leather coat and a brown leather hat, sometimes with a black bandana over his face. He has a companion named Carl, a Friar who is excellent at weapons R&D. Various weapons on Van Helsing include: Tojo blades (look like hand-held buzzsaws), a Gatling-like crossbow, Holy water, crucifixes, pistols and various others as necessary.

He wears a gold signet ring on his right hand.

Interesting physical characteristic: has two triangle-shaped scars on his back which most people never see and scars on his chest from fights with a werewolf and Dracula.

Vanquish Evil